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From the historic walls of Wembley Arena to scaling a ski-slope in St Anton, Austria - Christina's work has reverberated throughout some of the world's most diverse and unique venues to audiences far and wide, both on screen and stage.

Throughout a vibrant 14 year career, challenge is something that Christina welcomes and always finds a solution for with incomparable creative flair. It’s not every day that you’re given non-newtonian fluid as a stage to create on, or sent 860m below surface to choreograph for Anastacia

When Game of Thrones wanted to create Khaleesi's 'Dance of the Dragons' at an immersive launch in the infamous Old Vic Tunnels, through months of research, Christina knew her responsibility was to replicate a world that transported fans and press alike to the mythical continents of Westeros and Ethos.

Nurofen profiled Christina’s life as a creative artist in their ‘Big Lives’ campaign which highlighted her work both behind and in front of the camera. Continuing to explore her role as a dance industry personality, Christina was invited to lead the nation in BBC’s 'Red Nose Day Dancethon’ LIVE to an audience of millions.

Learning on the job as a professional dancer, appearing in performances for Jessie J, Adam Lambert, Ceelo Green and Paloma Faith - Christina grew up in a production environment, where collaboration is key and relationships matter.

It was these relationships that allowed her to nurture her talent and in turn pass these learnings to those who seek guidance. Through 6 successful years leading aspiring, young dancers through the Love Rudeye Mentor Program and more recently the X Initiative, Christina has solidified her position as a choreographer to work with.