Bafta premier screening of the Hetty Feather Christmas musical special.

Christina, Alison Davis (executive producer) and two of the shows actors Issy Clifton and Dasharn Anderson were interviewed by Lindsey Russell about time on set and the creative journey. Christina worked on this 60 minute musical special as choreographer with director Ian Barnes for CBBC. It will be out on the 12 Dec so tune in to see the magic they created!

Cartoon Network commissioned Christina to create a brand new dance move

Cartoon Network commissioned Christina to create a brand new dance move for the viewers of their series Apple and Onion. After creating the move Christina went on to film the “HOW TO” video and then presented the move live on stage at their launch event in London.

Salon Internationals "Salon Live" show for Schwarzkopf

October saw Christina teaming up with Charlotte Stevens of CS agency to create catwalk shows for Salon Internationals "Salon Live" show for Schwarzkopf.


Christina and the team at LME joined forces with the St Petersburg Open creative team to produce this epic Anastacia closing performance for the stadium audience as well as live TV broadcast for the world to tune into.

DIDO “ Still on my mind” TOUR

Christina joined forces with Rollo Armstrong (Faithless) and lighting and visuals designer Oli Metcalf on the Dido "Still on my mind” tour using realtime tracking to fuse the movement on stage with the visuals and lighting on the screens. The tour will be seen throughout Europe and the US.


Releasing an exclusive sneak preview of one of the musical numbers from this years Christmas special of Hetty Feather for CBBC, Christina presented a segment at the Bafta Kids event at Alexandra Palace along side writer Helen Blakeman, lead actor Isabelle Clifton and presenter Katie Thisteton.

Anastacia Live TV performance

Anastacia Live TV performance for the Women’s Handball championships final in Budapest.

To watch the video Click Here.

CBBC Choreographer

Christina has been working on a super exciting top secret project with CBBC collaborating with Director Ian Barnes to be released December 2019. Watch this space...


The Poetry in Motion Series is a series of works experimenting with spoken word poetry, movement, music and videography. The latest three in the series (on hope, on body image, and on love) were created with the intention of creating without a budget. So what could we come up with with just the tools we already have.. a phone, a space and an idea. The rest came down to collaboration and a whole heap of fun. I write about subject matters that I have experienced and are close to my heart and my only aim is to help people through identification and to make something cathartic out of my journey.

Samira Ebrahimi

Teaching up with fashion designer Samira for the second time, Christina brought the latest collection QUEEN OF BABYLON to life with jaw dropping catwalk choreography for London’s fashion week.


2018 has seen Christina as show director and choreographer for pop super star Anastacia’s new EVOLUTION TOUR. Teaming up with musical director Troy D. Antunes (Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears) and under the touring production company GTO (Take That, Kate Bush) the Evolution tour fuses classic Anastacia hits with new material off the Evolution album and is packing out venues all over Europe this summer as well as joining the line up with Lionel Ritchie on his World tour.

Celebrity Big Brother

Christina collaborated with TV presenter Emma Willis to create the punchy and powerful campaign for Celebrity Big Brothers Year of the woman on channel 5.



Christina teamed up with Shopkins for their new movie “Shopkins World Vacation” launching a competition to find the best dance choreography to the films theme song “Anywhere in the world". The lucky winner got to work with Christina in the dance studio to perfect their routine and then starred in a film teaching the world how to do their dance.

Check out what they got up to CLICK HERE



Christina had the pleasure of collaborating with Charles Worthington himself on his anniversary show held at the L’Oreal studios in London. A retrospective of 30 years of the brand with hair transformations on stage, interviews with Charles and his team and a stunning catwalk show made for a night to remember.